Monday, August 9, 2010

SOUNDS: Tennis, Magic Kids and a Rant*

I won't write about music often, and I promise to never do so in a critical way. I just don't have the chops for it.

But Portland based Everybody Taste is a must-read. They're always up on the buzz, and they've got full-length samples to go along with the artists they feature.

Everybody Taste gets all the credit for turning me on to Tennis and Magic Kids.

As I mentioned in my watches post, I love things that have a good back story. Tennis's is pretty good - they are a husband and wife duo that went sailing and wrote about it. Read more about them at the New York Times T Magazine Blog, and their own blog, White Satin Gloves. Then go buy their EP, Marathon from iTunes.

Although it's not available on iTunes yet, you can buy Magic Kids' new LP Memphis directly from True Panther right now. I don't know their story, but they're from Memphis and they've got a cool synth-pop thing going that feels new and crisp.

God. See how bad that was? BDC is not a music blog.

RANT* - The new Arcade Fire album is, not surprisingly, really good. Let's get our shit right for them, huh? They're not THE Arcade Fire. They're just Arcade Fire. That's it. Even if you think they're THE greatest band in the universe, they're still just Arcade Fire.

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