Friday, August 20, 2010

HIT: No. 10 Opinel

I had an Opinel when I was a kid, but had completely forgotten about them until a year or so ago when I walked into a small farm supply with family in Chagford, England. Of course, I didn't have my wallet on me. But I promised myself to return later that week to pick one up. I never did and, once again, forgot all about them.

Then GQ featured Psycho Bunny's Robert Godley in this week's installment of their 10 Essentials series. Number 9 for Godley? Sure enough.

Opinel's beauty and utility make it the perfect pocket-knife. It's extremely lightweight, holds a decent edge, and the locking mechanism - if you want to go so far as to call it a mechanism - is infallible. (It's that metal cuff at the top of the handle. Open the knife, rotate the cuff, and the knife is locked.)

So, I've finally placed my order. The No. 10 refers to the length of the blade - 10cm. The little guy cost less than $20, including shipping, from OpiKnife.

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