Friday, August 13, 2010

HIT: LL Bean Signature Saltwash Canvas Tote

When you're a little guy, every trip feels like an adventure. This notion lingers through college until you finally realize that you don't need an expedition-grade bag to go couch surfing for the weekend in New York or DC.

This tote from LL Bean Signature (more about them later) is the perfect replacement. The design couldn't be simpler. No straps, zippers or buckles to mess with. Just one monster compartment in heavy duty canvas with beefy handles.


  1. Nice find on LL Bean Signature. I like how there stuff is a little more fashion oriented. Not so sure about the bag though. I need some zippers and pockets. Check these out:

  2. Right, I wouldn't use this for air-travel - or anywhere else that it might leave my person. But to bring on a bus or train, or to throw in the back of a car, this is the one for me. Cell phone and wallet in jeans, keys in the bottom of the bag. Thanks for the rec.