Thursday, August 12, 2010

HIT: Linus Bikes

I'm lucky enough to be in a situation at the moment where I don't need wheels of any kind. I walk to work and hop a train or cab just about anywhere else I need to be.

Right. Wheels? Me? Don't need 'em.

But I really want some.

Most of my buddies got into cycling in their late twenties and have these sexy road bikes. I've not yet caught the bug, so I'd be going for something less aggressive that I don't need to finance and can ride without special shoes.

Retro bikes are seriously in vogue, but the right animal is elusive so you're going to pay a lot for it. Enter Linus Bikes out of Venice, CA. Inspired by European bicycles of yore, these guys have created a line of commuter bikes that are solid, gorgeous and a great value. They're not selling online yet (they say they will be "soon"), so you might have to go on the road to find one. But it'll be well worth the effort.

I'll have a Roadster Classic in black (above). No gears, a pedal break(!) and an absolute steal at $389.

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