Thursday, August 19, 2010

INTEL: Parisians Love Ralph Lauren Burgers

After four years of renovating a mid-eighteenth century building on Paris's Rive Gauche, Ralph Lauren opened his titanic 13,000 square foot flagship store this spring. But what's creating the most buzz at the moment is his restaurant. According to an interview with Lauren in Harper's Bazaar, Vera Wang can't even get a table.

To be fair, whether or not Parisians love the place is unclear - 35 percent of shoppers in Polo's Parisian stores are tourists. This is probably just some elaborate ruse so that the wait-staff can laugh at us as we say, "Je prend un cheeseburger and fries."

The restaurant, housed in the rear of the building's the first level, includes some nice outdoor seating and is adorned with all sorts of American stuff. The burgers cost €24 (about $30), and word is they are worth every penny. On the odd chance anyone happens to read this blog and gets a chance to check the place out, let me know what you think.

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