Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WORDS: Drink What You Know

When you think about it, rules for drinking are not so different from rules for writing. Many of these are so familiar they’ve become truisms: Write what you know. Write every day. Never use a strange, fancy word when a simple one will do. Always finish the day’s writing when you could still do more. With a little adaptation these rules apply just as well for drinking. Drink what you know, drink regularly rather than in binges, avoid needlessly exotic booze, and leave the table while you can still stand.
--Geoff Nicholson

I finally started watching Mad Men. I definitely dig the pretty clothes and all that, but I'm more impressed by how much those guys drink at work.

The brilliant little excerpt above is from a piece that ran in The New York Times earlier this summer. It is an absolute must read.

Find it here.

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