Sunday, September 19, 2010

HIT: Michael Williams and Mister Mort Covering NYFW for Gilt MANual

Michael Williams of ACL and Mordechai Rubinstein, aka Mister Mort, shot NY's fashion week for the new men's style blog by Gilt, Gilt MANual.

Do yourself a favor and check out both slideshows. Each is like a crib-sheet for picking up your game.

Mister Mort's show.

Michael Williams's show

Both Williams and Rubinstein understand that when it comes to (capital-S) Style, "God is in the details." Few of the guys they shot are wearing anything terribly unique, and yet every one stands out by adding a small - I don't know - touch? Or something.

The best part? There's something democratic about the "touches" these guys caught. I mean, it doesn't cost a dime to leave a button undone or roll your trousers, but doing so in the right way can add millions to your look. I know I didn't say that well, but you'll see what I mean.

My favorite is Michael Williams's shot of Cory Ohlendorf of Valet, above.

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