Friday, September 17, 2010

MISS: The GQ Eye for Posting Timo Weiland's "The Watch"

This video was posted on The GQ Eye, which is typically a fantastic place to go for men's lifestyle buzz. Huge, huge, huge, miss on this one guys. You're better than that.

Dear GQ,

I often wonder why so many men have an aversion to your magazine along with anything having to do with fashion. This stupid video is why. Did you not learn anything from Zoolander?

When you post something like this, you alienate any and all the "undecideds" who might consider following your blog, subscribing to your magazine, or actually admitting that they care about their appearance.

This video is dumb. Worse than that, it's profoundly boring. Boring people, boring clothes, boring effects, boring music. I can only hope it made it to the web because some editor owed Timo a favor. Or got laid.

Please get your shit together.



p.s. The magical guy who makes the girl go all spinny looks constipated. Cheese bender?

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