Tuesday, September 14, 2010

INTEL: What About a Bow Tie?

J.Crew's Keats-Stripe Bow Tie

Even though we eventually stop buying new school clothes, the idea of renewing our look every fall survives well into adulthood. When you're out looking for new gear over the next few weeks, you'll surely notice that bow ties are now widely available. Yes, they're tempting. But consider the following before you pull the trigger.

Fashion is like English - replete with ambiguity, splendid when gotten right, and certain people just have a way with it. If you already rock a bow tie with confidence, you could probably give a damn what I think - I heartily salute you.

But if you're on the fence, and most men are, remember that bow ties are a stunt accessory. They scream, "Look at me!" Glenn O'Brien calls them the conservative equivalent of a nose-ring. Sophisticated style should be understated.

Plus, if you're a girthy bloke, a bow tie is definitely going to work against you. Neck ties have this wonderful slimming ability - think vertical stripes - but a bow tie is going to sort of accentuate your ab. Think hefty bag.

Of course, the bow tie does have its place - I greatly prefer one with a tux. Otherwise, I say leave them be. At least until you can grow some grey in that 'stache. After all, one of the beauties of old age is that it gets much harder to look like doucher.

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