Friday, October 1, 2010

INTEL: Ramblers Way Farm

You know Tom's of Maine Toothpaste? The stuff that sort of tastes like a minty mixture of soap, peroxide and spackle? Well, they've founded a really, really cool clothing company.

Ramblers Way Farm makes wool comfort wear. That's right folks. It's wool. And it's comfortable. Weird, right? Basically, they've figured out a way to spin the yarn in some super-fine way, and the clothes are designed to be worn against your skin.

The stuff is pricey, but here's why - everything is made in America. Everything. The yarn is spun in America. The pieces are assembled at a factory in America. The sheep are an American breed, grown on farms in Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, Texas and Utah. When you wear Ramblers Way, American airport officials wave you through security with a wink and a smile. Goddam right.

The flat seams make for cool detailing. I really dig the blue henley above and the grey, hooded cardigan.

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